Dwelling in the natural vibes


Are you in profound love with nature? Do you like dwelling in the garden? Is nature your home space?

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My love for nature

Amidst chaos and conflicts, the only way to relieve stress is dwelling in nature. The living plants grown in the surroundings soothe the soul to connect with us by flourishing the vitality and bringing serenity to oneself. The more you feel stressed or burdened up which troubles your inner peace, then it's time to surround yourself among those greens to embark the fresh air for uplifting your spirits. Humans have a way to connect with plants to reap it's beneficiary sources. If you have a stressful job or wanna relieve yourself from negativity to bring solace to your soul, imbibe in the natural place surrounded with plants, flowers, trees, creepers and climbers. Those lushly greeneries and marshy meadows feeds the eyes with pleasant feelings connecting to the Mother Earth.

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Mother Earth

Calming greeneries relaxes the body, mind and soul. The more you connect with nature the more love is filled in your heart along with gentleness and care. The flowers exhibit a good source of aromatherapy to relieve your stress levels. Planting a home garden with natural plants and trees would supply ample amount of oxygen along with fruits, vegetables and essential oils. Humans can get positive vibes from nature by roaming in the garden or having a seat at the park or even in your garden. Locating near the gardens or visiting a greeny place will nourish your soul with love and joy.

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Serene living

Next time when you feel energetically drained reserve a green spot to regain your energy to shoot up.

With heartfelt love,

Heavena Michael


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