Dress to look slimmer

Some Changes in your wardrobe will change your life-

so basically I'm going to share some dressing tips that will make you look slimmer than before.

1. choose right colour - wear dark colours like black, deep blue, deep maroon, dark red, etc. because dark colours create illusion of having thin figure and in the other hand light colours emphasize curves and create illusion of having broader shoulders and all.

2. choose right strips - if you like to wear striped shirt or anything that has strips in it then go for vertical stripes because just like dark colours vertical lines also create an illusion of having thin figure by not emphasizing your body fat and curves. and horizontal stripes emphasize the curve of your body and create illusion of having broader chest and shoulders.

3. choose right fits - high waisted jeans would be your best friend if you have curvy and chubby tummy area. generally high waisted jeans snatch all your curves and redefine them nicely so that tummy area looks much thinner than usual. so if you are a jeans lover then have a try of this High waisted jeans.

4. Choose right styling - while you are styling your whole look try to go for structured clothes like fitted dress jacket blazer etc. and avoid baggy or loose clothes.

5. Go for monochrome - monochromatic outfits create illusion of having thin figure. Covering whole body with just one colour only helps you to look much slimmer. I understand all time it doesn't feel nice to wear monochromatic outfits but still you can try this once or twice.

6. Right way to colourblock - colour blocking is in current fashion, though influencers do colour blocks using bright colours but if you have curvy figure then just go for dark colours and do colour blocking of your choice. For example royal blue and dark red, deep green and deep blue.

7. Black to rescue- when you are confused with choosing the right colour just go for black cause black won't let you down.

So yaa all these tips are for both men and women... So enjoy your life stay happy stay blessed..







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Ellen - May 22, 2021, 2:04 AM - Add Reply

Cool ideas

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