I think that I'd given more time than I should wondering about how we lose people along the way. I've come to learn that no matter how bad we want to keep everyone, this world isn't small like what everybody says and life itself is busy as fuck. That and the fact that each and everyone of us have our own dreams to chase. Our paths may cross at certain times, but there are just a lot of roads ahead of us and we can't force others to take the same path we chose for ourself because we don't all share the same destination. Some people would have a change of heart and take a turn, some would just stop walking and setup a camp instead, having found what they're looking for.


But for those of us who chose not to give up chasing our dreams, those of us who have not yet found our place in this universe, I learned that there's nothing left to do but to continue. Often times I would look to the right of me, then to the left of me to see who remained by my side. Then I would look back, remembering the people I lost along the way, hoping that life's treating them well where they are. And then, I would look forward to my dreams with a fire in my heart and continue walking, hoping that one day, I'll get there, too.

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