Do we need vaccines before traveling during a pandemic?

The pandemic has restricted business and leisure travel to various business and tourist destinations in the world. The problem is that some trips cannot be postponed.


To overcome the problems of traveling amid Covid-19, it is necessary to have a policy to maintain security and health not only for travelers but also for people in the place where the traveler visited.


One important thing is the issue of vaccination. Do travelers who want to travel to international destinations need to be vaccinated or not? The CDC says anyone planning to travel abroad should complete their vaccinations first. This is for the safety of both the traveler and the people at the destination.


Travelers who go abroad are more likely to contract or transmit Covid-19. The risk of being exposed to Covid-19 and its variants will be different for each country. It is highly recommended that travelers do personal research to find out the conditions of their destination.


Before going abroad, check and follow any instructions from your airline and destination regarding protection against Covid-19. It is not difficult to get that info, just open Google.


To be safe, after arriving at your destination, follow any instructions from the local government for safety during Covid-19. Do not go to a destination that is currently locked down. There have been cases of travelers entering destinations that are currently under lockdown. This action is very irresponsible and has a high risk of contracting or transmitting Covid-19.


Travelers who have been fully vaccinated can show their vaccine passports as proof. With a vaccine passport, it will make it easier to travel, especially when you have to deal with authorities.


However, a vaccine passport does not mean that you no longer have to follow health protocols such as wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and washing your hands. Stay disciplined in carrying out health protocols even though you are on an international trip.

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