Do we have to wear a mask after getting vaccinated?

Do we still need to wear a mask after a complete vaccination? To answer this is not easy because 2 major health institutions in the world, namely WHO (World Health Organization) and CDC (Centres for Disease Control) have different views about it.

WHO recommends continuing to use a mask even after the complete vaccination dose. Meanwhile, the CDC states that people who have been vaccinated have adequate protection against Covid-19 and its variants

Differences in recommendations create tension in the community, although the WHO and the CDC both agree that all people who have not been vaccinated should still wear masks.

How could something like that happen? There are many arguments about this, some say it is a scientific matter, but some say it is political. But the logic is because WHO sees it from a global point of view and that's normal because WHO has a global work area. While the CDC's work area is in the United States only.

When viewed from world data, only about 23% of the population has been fully vaccinated. It is still far from what is expected which is about 70% of the population. While in the United States the total population that has been fully vaccinated reaches 47%.

So the WHO looks at the world's population, most of which have not been vaccinated, whereas the CDC looks at the population in the United States that has nearly 50% of the vaccine and appears to be doing well in dealing with Covid-19 and its variants.

Most of the countries in the world whose population percentages are still far from being vaccinated are countries with weak economies. They have difficulty getting vaccines that are proportional to the population of their country.

These countries need assistance from strong countries to assist in the provision of vaccines, medical devices, including medical masks.

To be safe, wear a mask even if you have been vaccinated.

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Popoola Rasheed Olanrewaju - Jul 7, 2021, 3:54 PM - Add Reply


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