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At one point or another in our career, we are required to give some kind of interview. When we are talking to someone formally, even at that time we give an interview in a way. So there are many things that we should keep in mind while doing a formal talk or preparing for an interview, and today we will talk about them.
Do a background check Don't just walk around face to face to give an interview. You don't need to do thorough research about your employer, but it is good to know what they do, what they value, their past projects going on, etc. can be found out. There are also many websites where old and current employees of that company can give information about its work culture, environment etc. This will give you a good ground to talk. If you can get to know the company's achievements as well, this will be a tool for praising them. For this, you can see pages like the company's press release on the website. These are the things the company wants people to know about, and here are the projects that the company is proud of. All this information will help you to make your point concrete.
Get inside information about the company from someone working in the company Getting information can help you. That's how the company works, or what new projects are going to happen, what are the things to like and what not to like. This can help you strategize your interview, and choose the path that will help you the most. And it is also possible that this information can help you decide whether you should join that company or not.

Understand your job

You should know what position you have applied for, what are its responsibilities, and what are the requirements. Usually, this information is given in the job advertisement, but if the information is not there, or it is not clear, you can also inquire about it with the interview caller or the person working there. After getting this information you need to take some notes and see what are the qualifications and skills that suit you the most for that job. You will be able to know whether those skills are mentioned in the CV you gave for the job or not, but when you give the CV, by getting information about the job before that, you can prepare your CV accordingly Because this CV interview The panel has and usually they start their conversation based on your CV. Knowing these things beforehand will help you determine whether the company culture, values, work environment, and responsibilities, are worth it to you or will exacerbate your problems.

What to carry for the interview

While going for the interview, there is no need to carry a lot of bags or suitcases with you. instead of impressing, you Look more ridiculous. But you must take with you a copy of your resume, details of your contacts, and a sample of your work. Also, write down any questions you want to ask the interviewer with you. Don't pick up your mobile phone to see it. And also keep paper and pen with you to take notes.

Expect the Unexpected

Now the days of direct interviewing or giving interviews are over. Maybe you have to give an interview on Zoom or Google Meetings. Whether you are involved in a panel discussion, you may also have to engage in conversations with other candidates. Sometimes you may also be required to take a psychometric test or an ability assessment test. It may also be online before or after the conversation, or it may have to be done at the employer's office. So, know in advance what kind of interview you will have to give. When you consent to your interview, you can take this information, and ask how you can best prepare for the interview.

Have your questions ready

Often in interviews, the candidate is also allowed to ask questions about their potential employer. So, prepare your important questions well in advance, which you would like to know about the corporate culture and the goals of the organization. When you ask questions like this, it will show that you are not only interested in the job but also in your company, and it tells the employer how long you can stay with the company.

Required to check details

Be sure to check the interview date, time, address, parking facilities, transport, and access to the interview venue more than once before the interview. See if you need to get any clearance and how long it will take. Especially because of Kovid-19, we need to get extra screening done. Plan these things.

Don't be upset

Give the interview understanding that everything will not end with this interview. If you think the interview itself is causing a lot of apprehensions, and panic, remember that this is just one interview out of many, and just one of many opportunities. Approach the interview positively. Stay calm even during the interview, and don't hesitate to ask for clarification if you don't understand a question.

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