Cucumber Cake

 Cucumber Cake

Wanna bake then make this cake!
And cherish the season of cucumbers.

Get your stove on and start baking!

2 cucumbers
2 tbsp ghee
1 cup rawa
Half cup grated coconut
Half cup jaggery


...Grease a cake mould with oil or butter and dust some maida (flour)...

1. Cut the cucumber. Remove the seeds of the cucumber.

2.Grate the cucumber.

3.Put 2 tbsp ghee in a pan.

...On a medium flame cook...

4.Add 1 cup rawa and stir till light brown.

5.Add 2 grated cucumbers.

6. Add half cup grated coconut.

7. Add half cup jaggery.

* You can also add cardamom powder for that lovely fragrance *

8.Now pour the batter in the cake mould.

9. Steam the cake mould filled batter in a pan with the lid for 10-12 minutes on the gas stove.

10. Garnish with your favourite nuts.

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