Cryptocurrencies, the future of money


CryptoCurrencies,  could be the future of money.

Currently, Cryptocurrencies are just additions to the physical money systems. However, in the near very nuture these currencies could be the most commonly used currencies in the world. As the world is changing rapidly and with the new technological advancement, you will find that every field is going digital and the world is gradually becoming a global village. Due to the digital lifestyle that is being adopted by many people globally, then the demand for a digital medium of exchange is rising. This is where Cryptocurrencies come in. These kind of Currencies exist only digitally. Also, as the name suggests they use cryptography and a decentralized system to transact. Therefore they could be considered by most nations in the near future as the most favourable means of exchange.

How the currencies operate

The transactions conducted with cryptocurrencies are recorded by a public ledge which is referred to as Blockchain. The blockchain is digitally updated and controlled by those who own the currencies. There is also a continuous creation and release of new cryptocurrencies in to the world through a process called mining. In this process computer power is used to generate new coins through solving arithmetical cases. For one to buy the currencies they simply get a good platform among the many crypto exchange agents, then open a digital wallet in which the currencies are stored and there after they can fund their account as they purchase the coins. The two-factor authentication is used while transacting to ensure total security. With all these, the operation of the digital currencies is friendly and simplified for the parties involved.

The Types of digital currencies.

As at July 2022 there were than 20,000 cryptocurrencies in existence. Despite the fact that not all of them are active at least 10,000 of them are active. The most commonly known of these currencies is the Bitcoin. Which was invented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Ethereum is the near common after Bitcoin and was invented in 2015, other popular digital currencies include : Binance coin, U.S Dollar, Litecoin, Ripple, Cardona and Tether among o few others. All the currencies are categorized into four different types namely:

• Utility

• Payment

• Security

• Stable coins.

Therefore if anyone is venturing in to digital marketing they need a Clear understanding of the currencies they choose to transact with .

The worth of the digital currencies

The worth and value of these currencies has kept increasing incredibly in the coin market. Currently, the Bitcoin which was the first digital currency, stands at $ 119.98 Billion. Ethereum which also another popular digital currency stands at $ 4.12 billion, lit coin stand at $2.63 billion, Cardona at $39 billion and XRP at $ 16.54 billion. These are just a few examples which clearly show that these currencies are gaining their worth and could take over the money market in the near future globally.  With more people engaging each day in digital monetary transactions then the digital currencies are going to be in high demand and thus their value will keep increasing.

The Relevance of digital currencies

The relevance of these currencies can be notable in the world wide money market. As the worth of the cryptocurrencies is increasing, the currencies are again much more relevance world widely and they can not be ignored anymore in the money market. So as we especially talk about the future of money, these currencies should be the core of the discussion. The digital currencies carry much potential when it comes to social economic growth world widely. They also present a much easier way of transacting and receiving financial financial services. With these currencies there are safe investment opportunities and with the fact that they use encryption for verification of transactions, most people find them safer than other means. People can use them not only for transaction but for future financial security as one can buy the currencies and store them for the future since their value keeps increasing. 

In conclusion, despite the fact that the cryptocurrencies could be still a new term to some people, the currencies could be the future of money. This is because as the world is advancing, there is a need for a more decentralized monetary system which will enable people to transact speedily and in a cheaper way. There is also going to be a need for a platform where different parties can exchange money or value without intermediary bodies like banking institutions. People will also need a more peer to peer system in which they can conduct monetary transactions without carrying physical money or having to travel physically. Finally, with all these coming up then, it is in order for one to say that, the future of money could be here with us! the cryptocurrencies.


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