Cristiano Ronaldo's Son Now Plays for Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo's son is officially A PLAYER AT MANCHESTER UNITED

The 11 year old was born on 17th June, 2010 in USA.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is following into his father's footsteps as the Portuguese star's eldest son has officially joined Manchester United's academy at the age of 11.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the past, had been skeptical about the boy becoming a footballer due to his nutritional habits.

Ronaldo's partner Georgina Rodriguez took to Instagram to publish a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. holding a Manchester United shirt featuring his father's No.7 at the back.

Cristiano Jr's family nickname is Cristianinho, which means "little Cristiano". The boy had already been playing for Juventus youth squad, before moving to Manchester United.




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