Creativity is the part and parcel of our life. There are people who are always in the creative world. This is not correct. Each and every one has creative power.


We have to give a wake up call to creativity and live with it in the present world.


Creativity is not a shadow. It is true. In our inner heart and mind there are so many hidden things which are in the form of creativity it explores and comes out when right opportunity on our way.


For a creator or lyrics writer or writer or poet creativity is an investment. For creativity they used to give some shape to life and they are masters in this.


For writers creativity is like a flowing of water in the bank of rivers with appropriate words, idioms and phrases.


Writer's imagination is not a camphor and it is like a sponge. They expose it to outside when the opportunity comes on their way.


For fans their writings are medicines and it heals many of the inner wounds. There is no border for poets; they fly like a butterfly without wings also.


There is no imagination, no poets exist. For mankind creativity is a gift. 


We have to encourage creativity. We all have to explore the best possible way to take out creative hings from us, add a flavour to creativity in a useful way.


Being suppressed by emotions,

And ambitions are high as always!

Yes, we will achieve.



A support for the mankind and,

The glare of the productivity.

Yes, we will achieve.



The parcels are now parts,

For the conscience a groove depart

Yes, we will achieve.



A quest to hunt for,

The future demands the creativity.

Yes, we will achieve.



Time being it increase and,

Peak is it's ultimatum of mindfulness.

Yes, we will achieve.



The thorns of the path are,

The actual strength of us.

Yes, we will achieve.



Blurred is the road and,

Zig zag is the straight fate.

Still, we will achieve!



Just the call for greatness and,

The wait is over by then.

Yes, we will achieve.



The flow of the blood and,

The resource being a jewel!

Yes, we will achieve.



Need of the propaganda is hunting!

For the sake of nothingness,

Yes, we will achieve.



The way of thinking is the demand and,

We are going to hit the iron when it's hot!

Yes, we will achieve.



Promises to the Zion is,

The prettiest escape of bad vibes.

Trust yourself, we will achieve.



Roaring is the crescent fate,

Charming is the beautiful late!

Yes, we will achieve.



Development being the pathway,

Ambitions flying for the turnover!

Yes, we will achieve.



Broadest is today's spectrum and,

Surveillance never being minded!

Yes, we will achieve.



The spirit supporting the constant,

For the variable is in our blood!

Yes, we will achieve.



Our equipments is self confidence and,

Manners anticipated by discipline rocks!

Yes, we will achieve.



Youths are forward today for,

Backward be pulled out of deep laggings.

Yes, we will achieve.



Rage is the courage today

And dreamer collaborating with doer!

Yes, we will achieve.



Climax being the story today,

Passion to achieve be only ambition!

We can and, we will achieve!



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