Amidst so many definitions, one stands out as the most comprehensive: corruption is the most perversive state of affairs.

In a nutshell, it is a systematic vice in a society, nation or individual that reflects nepotism, favoritism, tribalism, abuse of office, amazing of wealth and derivation of undue gain and benefits.

Corruption as a wide concept includes money laundering, drug trafficking, fraud, illegal payment forgery, false declarations, and abetting of any kind 

Also add to the list: God fatherism, parochialism, sectionalism, diversion of funds, impunity, and looting of public funds etc.

It is believe that corruption is intrinsically interwoven with the leadership problem that has kept most of the African states in multidimensional proverty, underdevelopment .

Corruption is absolutely odious, condemnable and undesirable.

African needs good leadership is the consensual global verdict and that urgently, since only good and sincere leadership can prove a positive change agency to reverse the downward spiral of these states and to effect a transformation.

Leadership solves problems- to meet the need of the situation. It is a leader's challenge to produce positive results.

Patriotism kills corruption. That is love of country, love of fellow citizens.

It is almost a daunting challenge for a leader to make this difference; but this is what may do it for him. Love, open mindedness, moral, psychological and physical courage to reject, resist and withstand the pressure to cave in to play the ethnic card in it's controlling, aggravating and relentless expensive bids 

The greatest leader achiever "in this region will be the leader that succeeds in building a united formidable nation out of its storming ethnic groups, and diversities. He will. by the greatest tools of leadership, GOOD PERSONAL EXAMPLE as the leader with epic nationalism, high patriotism and moral and physical courage put to rest the corruption narrative.







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