Coping with isolation during covid 19

Many people were shocked when covid 19 hit the united states. And when it was declared a pandemic in early - March people got even more shocked and panicked. People flocked to stores and drained the shelves, stocking on essentials such as toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer, and tons of canned and dried goods. Schools closed, and many people losed their jobs due to the pandemic. Worst of all, social distancing was proposed, tearing many people away from their family members.

But amid this pandemic, there are ways to keep contact during this pandemic. Many people who have smartphones can contact their friends through calls, and through video chat apps like: discord, skype, and facebook. Letters can also be written, although many people preffer tge convenience of emails and texting.

All of these are ways to over come boredom and loneliness during the pandemic, and we can only pray and hope that life will return to normal.

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