Concise wisdom articulated



Breathe inhale, exhale it is a release

& relief as oxygen to the brain brings comfort

through your whole body as anxiety has you tensed. you

Must breathe deep & Slow monitoring how heavy you breathe

although your heart races & speeds up in pace your oxygen

levels Feel Low & you need to catch up your breathing

with your heart rate, Breathing alone won't Subdue your

anxtiety, control the way you think overcoming the negative

outcomes anxious & impatient pessemistic mentality living in fear ,

expecting the worst learn how to Meditate and disconnect, from 

analyzing your thoughts let your thoughts flow by like clouds Start

to chant to take your focuse away from analyzing self

talk therapy speak to yourself with affirmations and find

your happy place think of what brings you happiness think of

what brings you happiness, think of what you love. Anxiety us 

an anticipated misfortune of trouble be prepared not





Being insecure stems from your childhood

or what you endure as an adult which spirals.

into Low Self-esteem, your insecurities embodies poor qualities

that drain your enthusiastic, energetic, inspired

& confident traits understand

you are not perfect.

& nobody else is embrace your experiences, flaws,

Skills, talents, beauty nurture each aspect of your

life so you can grow abundantly into the Bold,

confident, chrismatic, enthusiastic person you aspire to be, Believe in yourself, reflect in yourself. Love who

you you are now to become who you Aspire 

to be, who cares what negative things they may have to say, critics are a natural way of life.

get use to it an adapt theres always going to be

Someone that says something. Be aware of constructive criticism its not to put you down but build

you up its a difference when someone  belittle you learn how to identify.

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