Cold Moon Ritual

The cold moon falls on 29th December 2020 of 10.30 pm to 30th December 2020. The cold moon is the time for rest, relaxing and rejuvenating your spirits, from the past 12 months efforts. The last full moon of December 2020 is the cold moon. The moon does not have it's light, the sun's light fall upon the moon to illuminate the moon as full moon or new moon. The full moon is for releasing the old patterns of negative beliefs or thoughts that don't serve for your highest good.

The cold moon ritual:

You can have a shower with salt water to release the negativity or stuck up energy from your body. Let the moonlight dwell upon your room as you meditate and listen to the full moon music. Keep your favourite items before you and set intentions. Use the affirmations like I let go my..... (Ur thoughts) or I release......

The full moon is to release your old pattern of thoughts or beliefs and set intentions for bringing positivity. Lighten a candle and incense as you affirm your intentions. Ensure to keep your room clean and tidy before performing the ritual. Close the ritual with the gratitude prayer.

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With gratitude~

Jose Heavena Fernando

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