Clouds - poem



Just wanna step out into the accumulation of clouds 

How sweet it will be floating in the blue sky, 

The clouds has taught me that everyone will change, 

I wanna change myself into different shape 

And I dressed like a sassy queen, 

Jump till I reach the 

 constellations of stars  

The clouds grabs me and taken me to meet their monarch 

As soon I met him I nodded, and he asked me to do one favor

I nodded again, he said there are so few who watch us 

But I want to tell you the few people who watches daily 

Will be stress free, not in endure state 

They have solely perseverance, calm mind 

Yeah that's true, then I understand 

Just then I woke up from my dream 

Oh really, I couldn't believe that was a dream 

From that day till now, I had never fail to watch clouds

It has minute droplets of rain, 

and it can produce thunderstorm and lighting 

Though the rainbow also hidden back 

Remember one thing life isn't the same always 

It will change one day, wait for the right climate 

          - poorni



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