Citric Acid Cycle

Cell structure is made up of these parts:  Golgi Apparatus, Mitochondrial, Cytosol, Nucleus, Ribosomes, smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, lysosome, and cell membrane.  Citric Acid Cycle takes place in Mitochondria.  Cycle begins with acetyl CoA binding with oxaloacetate, then freeing coenzyme A ending with six  carbon compound called citrate or citric acid. Free coenzyme A reacts with pyruvate and forms new acetyl CoA.  Reactions in citric acid cycle form citrate into compound they remove two Carbon and release two molecules of CO2. Final step: Citric Acid cycle reestablishes oxaloacetate.  Why is citric acid cycle important?  It creates a biosynthesis of amino acids and fatty acids.

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