Cheap wedding

I'm thinking of a simple and cost-effective way

To plan a wedding for my special day.


First, decide the size; intimate or grand?

A minimal venue at a low cost can help the wedding budget stand.


Next, the guest list, though it may not be large

Invite your family and close friends whom you charge.


Then comes the decorations, though it won’t be typical

Don’t be afraid of being thrifty with minimal.


After that, food! It doesn't matter what kind,

Ideas are plentiful, and you can be creative and blind.


Now to find a dress that fits without empty pockets,

Maybe a rented one or loved one can do the task.


Create a wedding website and guestbook, tied with ribbons of course,

So you can keep in touch with loved ones during the divorce.


Finally, remember to remain calm and enjoy the best part,

It's a special day, so be happy and embrace your heart.


Now, you have a beautiful and cheap wedding planned

Although nothing’s fancy, it will be grand.

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