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So you need some money for unexpected expenses. The roof took on a leak, the deck rotted through and a new family addition tightened living space.
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Want to buy a home in California? If so, chances are you'll need a California Mortgage Lender to help finance...
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Many of the brightest and hardest-working marketing and advertising people in the country are obsessed with getting you to spend...
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Follow these 10 easy steps to reduce the stress of business money matters.
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With energy costs higher than they have ever been in recent history, it pays to find ways to reduce your...
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Having a high credit score can mean the difference of thousands of dollars of saved interest expense compared to others with a lower score. For example, if you improve credit score results from the credit bureaus, just a few points that increase your credit score can make huge difference in the interest rate you will pay for a home purchase. It pays to increase your credit score!
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ix Big secrets of credit cards, banks dont want you to know about. Find out, how you can save money...a...
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Nobody likes to consider the ramifications of a worst case scenario, least of all the financial consequence. However, did you...
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If you're ready to buy a new house, you're going to need a Home Purchase lender. And finding one online...
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Are you still renting a home or apartment for yourself or your family?
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