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Nowadays people feel to clear their energy blockages and lead a blissful life. But many are not aware of using crystals to clear the energy blockages. There a plethora of energy healers who use crystals to heal themselves as well heal their clients. Amethyst works on the Crown Chakra for connecting with the divine source. Feb born Aquarians like me can wear the amethyst stone to bring positive aspect in their life. This can open up new dimensions of your life. The rose quartz can be said as "love crystal" as it opens your heart chakra. This crystal can restore trust and harmony in all kinds of relationships.
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84 Hits - Oct 20, 2020, 2:13 AM - Kim canning
What everyday is like with a drug addiction
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As I wake up from the bed in the morning from that slumber. I pick to start my day by...
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The bioluminescent effect emitted by jellyfishes renders the eyes of the ocean dwellers. Jellyfishes are cold-blooded organisms that crawl among...
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We may often get indulged in occupying ourselves with cluttered thoughts and busy mind. To free up the clutter stored...
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36 Hits - Oct 18, 2020, 8:05 AM - Jose Heavena Fernando
Do you feel the verge of taking care of yourself? Do you wanna cherish your own style of life? The great way to pamper oneself is to imbibe positivity in oneself. Self-love serves as a valuable ingredient to pace up in the upcoming era.
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Are you in profound love with the nature ? Do you like dwelling in the garden ? Is nature your...
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Tip on Selling Your Own Home
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Marketing Your House to Homebuyers
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Is it a Good Idea to Sell Your Home Yourself?
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