You grow up and become a wonderful person inside! A man I am proud to call my little brother! There are thousands of memories. Beautiful memories, full of smiles, happiness, play, pranks. Memories full of love but also tears. Because yes, there are those moments, which weren't so beautiful, when something didn't go well and threw us down, but you were there to support me, to comfort me, to tell me that everything will be fine and I was there for you to do the same when you were broken. We also have memories full of excitement and pride for your achievements! Memories full of life!




   we will always cherish your phrase yes those words "Just dare and let it hurt, dare and live!" I have it in my mind from you.this is for you, my brother, today! They say that when you write about someone, it remains unchanged in time, it is engraved in him! I wanted that too!

   To my little brother, with love!

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