Bot making in telegram

Bot making in telegram

People find it hard to make bots in telegram , but the fact is that making bots will only take a matter 10 - 20minutes. In this article we will talk about how to make a unique bot for whatsoever you want to do.

💥 Before making this bot you must ensure your telegram is functional.

Step one. Go to the search section in telegram and search for bot father

Step two. Tap the start button ,after which a line of commands will appear

Step three tap the command on /newbot. Then the botfather will ask you to name the bot. Make sure to use a unique name. Eg @hen bot.

Step four. You have to rewrite the bot's name but in this format@hen_bot. Then the botfather will recognize you and store the name.

Step five. Tap on the /userpics command. Then you will be asked to provide a picture.Make sure to provide a picture that will link to the function of the bot

Step six . There would be an API link sent to you , copy the link and paste it on a menu builder bot. This Part will be discussed in my next article. 

Step seven make sure to add a description on what the bot is all about. This will enable the user to know what the bot is for.

   Then we are done. To verify if you really have a bot, search for it in the search section.



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