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Content marketing is a conscious effort at generating stories, videos, podcasts, blog reports, social media posts (contents) that your prospective followers already have an interest. It is all about writing informative content that benefits and informs visitors and users. The aim is to increase brand loyalty, customer retention, and indirectly augment conversions

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.” Bill Gates.

Content marketing is a deliberate effort at giving away valuable information contents in order to retain a client for possible future sales. These valuable contents are usually provided at no cost to help build audience or followership and trust in a brand, and the long-term goal is to grab attention, retention, and enjoy some future sales.

Why is content marketing important

Content marketing is important because it helps companies drive traffic, build trust with consumers, increase conversions, generate more business, and increases future revenue. It is a key part of an organization's overall strategic plan.

Why is content marketing so important to the growth and survival of an organization? The following chapter tries to find answers to some of the core reasons why content marketing is key to the long-term survival of any modern organization.

Content Marketing

  • Drives and increases conversion rates
  • Enhances credibility
  • Help you take control over the market
  • Everyone loves good content
  • 1. Drives and increases conversion rates. It is not entirely true that people spontaneously search for whatever you sell, click on your website, and possibly buy right away. No! visitors to websites initially find out whether the company and its products exist, they then learn about how your company or product can help solve their problems or why you are the best in the field or the market. Visitors only decide to buy and become customers after they are convinced. All these are processes have become possible because visitors were provided free valuable information as content making the visitor have all the required information to make his or her own decision about a product. This information may provide solutions to their lingering questions and this in the long rung helps build healthy and long-lasting relationships when visitors convert to be clients.

  • 2. Enhances credibility

  • Excellent content enhances brand credibility, and this is so, because of the TRUST built as a result of the valuable content provided. A credible brand identity is a trusted brand. Study shows that about 90% of all visitors to a site only make up their mind on a brand after having done a diligent search.The whole concept of digital marketing is about building TRUST and content marketing is the killer driver in executing it speedily.

  • 3. Help you take control over the market

  • With content marketing, you dictate the communication pace. You decide what has to be discussed or talked about. You lead the conversation on what to be discussed. You lead by providing the right information. Visitors and clients alike read and see what you want them to read about and not your competitor nor the competition.

  • 4. Everyone loves good content

  • Google ranks sites by the quality of their contents. Therefore it is said that Google loves good content. Besides googles, yahoos, and social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter equally drives traffic by the quality of their contents. This is purely an organic way of driving traffic, unlike a paid campaign which ceases the moment you end payment.

  • Effective strategies for content marketing
  • Videos contents
  • Quality contents
  • Emails
  • Evergreen contents
  • Create and share everywhere
  • Video Contents

  • We recommend this great tool which is by far the best on the market for creating top-quality videos quickly but with a touch of professionalism. The digital marketing world is been dictated and driven by videos, and this is the future of content marketing and SEO. According to Cisco, in 2016 videos accounted for more than 70% of the internet traffic and the forecast suggests it will be up to 82% by 2021. Videos do better when it comes to resolving and providing directions on the internet, than written text. Video contents are taking over and ranking first on most search engines.



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