Today we are going to see about bach remedies for depression and lack of confidence. There are four flower remedies for this criteria. Let's explore about it...


Is the remedy for mild downheartedness and despondency when something goes wrong. Gentian people are easily discouraged. When everything is going well they are happy but they can be easily disheartened, and slip back into a negative outlook. Doubt and lack of faith are important elements. Gentian helps us to put setbacks and disappointments into perspective, and to once again display a positive attitude.


Is the remedy for people who have given up the belief that there is any hope for them. Gorse is for strong feelings of hopelessness and despair. People who need Gorse may seek help in order to please others, but underneath feel that nothing more can be done for them. Gorse gives them the courage to try, building renewed hope, and giving the will to continue the fight towards recovery. Gorse helps open a door to possibilities encourages an objective attitude, and strengthens the heart to face them.


Is the remedy for people who feel that they are not as good as others and that they are bound to fail. They lack confidence in their ability to succeed and so often do not even bother trying. Larch can be used for any lack of confidence and self-esteem. and feelings of inferiority. Larch increases confidence and strengthens personal will.


Is the remedy for deep gloom and depression that descends for no apparent reason of a clear blue sky. People in this state often list all the reasons they have to feel happy and contented, but still everything looks black and hopeless to them. The remedy helps to dispel the clouds so that the person can once again find joy and peace. Mustard restores hope and a sense of pleasure in living.

I hope you enjoyed having a glimpse of it. Stay tuned up for the next post...until then see ya, friends...

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