Autonomous Warehouse Robots


  1. Humans are upgrading technologies and more innovation has rapidly achieved in the Automation sector. Technologies in automation is mainly used where there is any danger to the human life.Today I am writing for the latest robotic technology for warehouse management.San Jose-based robotics company announced its new machine named PalletTransport1500.

Its a warehouse Robot use for managing warehouse in an efficient manner and there is no danger to human life compared to “Forklift”.


new PalletTransport1500, a machine it describes as “an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that supports cross-docking.” The PalletTransport1500 is a square-like short robot.


The system was developed with Honeywell Intelligrated’s Momentum warehouse software. E-commerce has to manage well speedily in the warehouse to meet their demand. The forklift has led to much human accident in quickly managing goods. The forklift has led to 100K accident every year so this robot has come up and will replace forklift.PalletTransport1500 can take up 2504 pounds payload.



Rapidly growing automation will lead lay off of many employment and reduce the employment rate. I can understand the threat to the humankind but technology should be upgraded to make the machine safer for the humankind rather than automating every machine at the cost of the job. Please comment on my view and we will get to the appropriate result by discussion.

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