Hey you!stop biting me,and pay attention to the teacher. Iam feeling pain. Oh! I completely forgot that you cannot hear me. Hai! My name is  Pencil. My father's name is papa pencil, my mother's name is mamma pencil. I have got many brothers and sisters,and many of them had migrated to many countries from India. You will be really surprised to know that i cannot remember the names of my brothers and sisters. Anyway, I will give you some of their names. Theu are ''Apsara'' ''camlin''  ''Natraja'' What  a wonderful names,aren't they? Now let me tell you something about my feeling in life. I am very happy to know that no human can live without me. I always like to be with small kids. They use me for such wonderful drawings. And along with a happy heart. I also have a sad corner in my heart. Sometimes ,people destroy me,sharpen me unnecessarily and lose me here and there. People stamp me,crush me-in to pieces but i sometimes escape from their ill-treatment. They show anger by biting me. In this way ,i have lost many brothers and sister's. Due to this i  really worried about my face in this world. When great philosophers,writers and artists  are given awards ,they never realise that, it is due to my efforts that they are being awarded. No human beings realises my importance. 

                   I wish one day, each and every human being will realise my importance. 

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