As You Journey Through Life, Make Determination Your Drive

In life you see there are things that set as limits and discouragement as you journey through life, countless setbacks may want to weigh you down, but only determined persons break free. For you to achieve any peak of greatness in life, there are some essential elements one must possess, one of such elements is determination.


The question comes, what is your drive? So many lack a drive in their life, they don't have anything triggering them to push on and to some others they make less important things their drive.

To some they make money their drive, they depend on money, center all their hopes on the fact that money is what they need in order to go far in life. Money isn't enough because it may fail or you may exhaust and run out of it, and by then you would be a non-entity, but when your drive is something from within it can't be exhausted.


Make determination and passion your driving force, determination can be likened to a force which keeps you going despite surrounding circumstances, you see possibilities in the midst of impossible situations, it makes you see solutions in problems and drastic conditions.


Determination can be a fuel to drive you faster than you could imagine. There is this story of a  boy from a very poor home named Kingsley. The conditions surrounding Kinsley's birth were hopeless, he was born into a very poor family, he grew up with this dream of elevating their family from poverty, he was positively driven. He always says to himself  "one day I'll become wealthy and give my parents a very comfortable life". He was a diligent boy, though he couldn't go to school to get a sound education he believed there would be a way. He came of age and began hustling trying to help with the family Daily needs and laboured day in day out.


Until one day he crossed paths with a man, a wealthy business man. The man saw the way the boy went about his work diligently with a determined look, he called the boy to himself and the boy narrated to him the condition he is in and told the man of his determination and dream to make it in life. The man told him he would help him see those dreams come to a reality. The man was into sales of electrical goods on a wholesale and told this boy to sign as an apprentice under him and be one his sales boy for 2years and can be assured of settlement.


Kinsley embraced this opportunity and saw a glimmer of hope that his future would be great and all his dreams would come to reality. He served his master diligently and the boss saw the depth of his loyalty and sincerity, how passionate and determined he was. Years running fast the period of apprenticeship came to an end, it was time for the boy to be settled. The boss out his interest opened a well furnished electrical store and gave him a 2 bedroom apartment. This was how change started in his life, due to his diligence and determination, his business expanded it's horizons and he became an importer of electrical products.


His determination and drive changed his life. You need this essential elements to make it in life. Hope this article was helpful.


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