Are You Successful?

Are you successful? What does that word mean to you? Unlimited wealth, ìtoysî as far as the eye can see, or family gatherings at your cottage on the lake?


Success is a state of mind, and I would like to help you Succeed! Below are some dynamic belief steps to follow.


Start believing in yourself and what you do! 


Starting=beginning. If you wouldnít have taken the risk and got on your bicycle for the first time, would you have the confidence that you do now as you mount your bike for a ride through town? This belief comes from within and turns your dreams and vision into reality!


Understand another's point of view. 


You donít know it all, so donít appear to. Put yourself in their shoes and listen. Have empathy.

What does the other person want? What are they feeling? Block out your own feelings and the voice that has a response to their statements and truly ìBEî with the one you are talking with. Donít interrupt! Have you ever thought up the perfect response, so witty and smart, that it burst out of your mouth, only to stop the sentence coming out of the other personís mouth. You missed them and possibly the sale or relationship.

Have you ever truly been understood? It is the best feeling in the world. When you put yourself aside to put the other person first, that is true sacrifice and success.


Confidence isnít a feeling, it is an action. You need to have it, even when you just donít feel like you can!


Collaborate , share your successes, be vulnerable and share your mistakes. Be real! You will become a people magnet. Surround yourself with people you admire. Look for like minded people, people who have what you want, who believe as you believe! Find out how they got to where they are and then do the same. Billionare Ross Perot paid millions to attract the brightest to his company. Be people smart.


Exercise your brain and body. 


Read, read, read! Readers are leaders. Have you thought about that, it is true. The more you know, the more confident you feel and the more comfortable you feel collaborating with those who have what you want. Sound familiar?


Run, run, run! Keep your body in shape. Make a list of the people you admire, who have what you want? What do they look like? Do they exercise or take care of their outer body as well as their mind and soul?


E- Encourage others! Your friends, family, business partners all deserve to hear praise. Dig deep to find something they are good at or have done well, then say it, write it, sing a song to it, whatever, just acknowledge it to that other person!


D- Determine to be better than who you are and youíll be surprised at who youíll become! Use the bulldog determination like the tortoise and the Hare. Even the snail made it to the ark. Determine not to quit, creatively begin again and again, and again!

How hard are you going to work? How bad do you want it! It isnít that hard, justÖ


Start believing in yourself.

Understand anotherís point of view.

Confidence ñ do it and then feel it!

Collaborate with those who have what you want.

Exercise your mind, body and soul.

Encourage others.


Determine to be better than who you are and youíll be surprised at who youíll become ñ




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