Apply rice-fenugreek water in the hair

Apply rice-fenugreek water in the hair like this, you will get relief from falling hair sitting at home, shine will also come.

In this news, we are giving information about one such hair tonic prepared from fenugreek and rice, which helps in protecting from many types of hair problems.

Due to the runaway and busy lifestyle, the problem of hair breakage and their weakening is common. 

Most of the women are troubled by many types of hair related problems. 

These include problems like breakage, fall and hair splits and dryness. 

To get rid of these problems, people also keep taking different types of hair treatments, so they keep adopting many types of home methods.

In this news, we are telling you about the home hair tonic of Fenugreek and Rice for you. 

By using which your hair will get many benefits. 

Let us know how to prepare fenugreek and rice hair tonic at home.


Prepare hair tonic like this




First of all, take half a cup of rice and take three spoons of fenugreek seeds.



Now wash the fenugreek and keep it soaked in a glass of water overnight.



Wash the rice in the morning then add a glass of water to it.



Now keep it soaked for three to four hours.



Then put fenugreek and rice in separate utensils to boil on the gas.




Cook both separately for five minutes.



Now filter both the things and separate the water of both.



When it cools down, mix both in equal quantity in a vessel and mix it well with a spoon.



In this way your fenugreek and rice hair tonic is ready.



Apply fenugreek rice tonic on hair like this



One day or three-four hours before using this hair tonic, shampoo your hair and dry it thoroughly.


Now with the help of finger tips or hair dye brush, apply this hair tonic on your scalp and hair roots.



After this, apply from the length of the hair to the tip as well.



After this massage your scalp and hair thoroughly for ten minutes.



Then leave it on the hair like this for half an hour.



After that wash the hair with plain water.




Benefits of applying rice and fenugreek in hair




Using fenugreek and rice hair tonic in the hair reduces hair fall and hair fall.



This tonic strengthens the hair from the root of the hair.



Its use ends the dryness of the hair and makes the hair shiny and silky.


The problem of dandruff and split ends in the hair also ends with its use.




This thing is more powerful than milk, meat and egg, eating in the morning will give tremendous benefits, diseases will stay away




The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. 

It is being given only for the purpose of educating.



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