Annet And The Powerful Headsets



Aling Ipay was 67 years old. She is with his daughter Annet who was slightly deaf in her right ear.

Aling Ipay and Annet worked for their Don Rumano Dugbas who was very rich in a place called Puting patag. Don Rumano was 60 years old and still very active and he had a son Melber who is talented in technology.

It turns out that Don Rumano had a business, and his business was not good because it is the smuggling of pork with ASF disease and dirty rice and sugar.

On the other hand, Melber's job was to steal other people's money with his knowledge of technology.


Then, one day, Annet was scolded well by Don Rumano because she always failed to obey the order of the former. Don Rumano ordered Annet for wine and what was brought was not wine but a plate, this is because Annet is slightly deaf on her right ear.

And at the same time, Aling Ipay and Annet, her 17-year-old daughter, were fired by the rich man and both were very sad. And that's why they didn't have a job anymore. And, aling Ipay decided to pick ripe guava fruits in the guava field.

And that's why they started picking up some guava fruits and they were very big. Aling Ipay and Annet immediately put them in the market and aling Ipay and Annet made money immediately. One day, Aling Ipay had a fever and Annet was the only one picking guavas and the sun was very hot because it was at noon. Annet saw a pink butterfly stuck on a branch of a guava tree. And, because of her pity for that butterfly, she climbed it on the guava tree and she released it and that butterfly suddenly turned into a little girl and she was princess Guavamela and the latter was very impressed with what Annet did and because of this she gave her a powerful headset. Princess Guavamela knew that Annnet was a bit deaf, so she gave her a powerful headset and if she wears it, her deafness would disappear and she will be able to hear even the faintest whisper of the bad guys.

Moreover, Annet was also told by the princess to save the unfortunate people and stop the evil deeds of the exploitative people.

One of those times, Don Rumano planned to smuggle the contraband weapons and the robbers he contacted were waiting for him. It was a dark night and they loaded the contraband into a big bin and covered it with  spices such as garlic, ginger, onions, and many more so that they could not be identified.

But Annet heard everything that Don Rumano and his contacts were talking about, including the big names of the robber Tumagkong who is very skilled in robbing big establishments.


The contrabands were in the ban and the ban was immediately run by Tumagkong who is 46 years old and had a very bad voice. And suddenly a child called Annet blocked the ban and ordered them to stop and surrender themselves to the police.

Tumagkong made a strong escape and, with his m16, he cracked the child Annet who was wearing very dirty clothes. But

Annet was not hit by the bullets of the weapon, and because of Annet's anger she magicked the bullets of Tumagkong's weapon. Annet shouted "Guavva power!" and immediately the bullets of Tumagkong's m16 turned into guava fruits and were still very ripe. And he even shouted "guava headsets!" and all the contraband turned into guava leaves. And because of Tumagkong's anger, he was about to throw a grenade at Annet, whom he called a "touchy girl" but Annet shouted "guava power" and the grenade turned into a guava fruit.

And because Tumagkong resisted Annet, Annet put magic on the former and he became a dry guava filling.


on the other hand, don Rumano was very angry when he knew that there was a child who was obstacle to his business and Melber was, too. And they were even more angry when they found out through their surveillance that Annet, their deaf and former assistant, was the child. That's why, they planned to massacre the house of aling Ipay and Annet.

However, Annet heard their plan even though Don Rumano and Melber were at their house. And when Don Rumano made their plan one night, they were suddenly surprised because their weapons and their bullets turned out to be guava fruits.

And that's it, they all just went back on their way. 


On the other hand, Don Rumano was advised by his sister, Nina, 55 years old, that they should stop their evil deeds because their situation is in danger.

However, Don Rumano refused because he and his son wanted to be rich and prosperous through their bad and disgusting actions. Aling Nina didn't do anything because she was afraid of her brother.

One time, Melber stole money through his knowledge of technology, he hacked people's ATM accounts and he did not know that his aunt Nina's account was included in it. Aling Nina was very upset because she lost her money that was in her ATM and in her mobile wallets. She didn't suspect anyone else and it was Melber.

Annet knew this because she heard all the events through her magic headsets and that's why she quietly went to the place where Don Rumano and Melber hid their stolen money.

And when Annet got there she made herself invisible by saying "guava imvissible". After all, Annet can fly when she says "guava fly").

And she replaced the money with guava leaves and returned the real money to each of these owners. She just said "Guava restore".

And when all the money was returned, Annet appeared and she no longer pretended to be invisible. However, Don Rumano and Melber suddenly arrived and both of them brought the M16 and they shot annet. But the bullets did not hit Annet and she turned the bullets of their weapons into guava fruits.

And Aling Nina arrived very suddenly and brought the police and arrested the miscreants.

Don Rumano and his son Melber were imprisoned and when Aling Nina found out that Annet returned the money that Melber stole from Aling Nina's ATM and mobile wallets, she was very happy and she rewarded Annet. She gave the girl and her mother Aling Ipay half of her wealth and aside from that, Aling Nina also had Annet's ears operated on and Annet's deafness disappeared immediately.

And suddenly Guavamela, the princess of guavas, appeared and congratulated Annet for succeeding in the mission she assigned. And as a reward, Princess Guavamela gave Annet a big pink guava fruit that was very ripe and when Annet ate it, the seeds turned into gold and everything was Annet's.

Also, the princess completely gave Annet the powerful headsets and Annet was very happy that she got powerful Headsets.


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