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* The God of Death sent one of his messengers to Earth.  A woman was dead, her soul had to be brought.  The angel came, but was worried.  Because three little girls are twins - one still in the dead woman's body.  One is screaming, calling.  A weeping woman has fallen asleep, her tears have dried up near her eyes - three little twins and a woman have died, and no one is going to see.  The husband is dead earlier.  There is no one else in the family.  What will happen to these three little girls? *


 * That angel got this idea, then he returned empty handed.  He went and told his head - I could not bring him, forgive me, but you do not know the situation.  There are three twins - little ones, weaning.  One is still with the dead mother, one is asleep crying, the other is still screaming.  Heart could not bring me.  Could it not be that this woman is given a few days more life?  At least girls get a little older.  Nobody else is going to see. *


 * The God of Death said - Then you become wise again;  More than that, one who dies with desire, one who leads to life!  So you committed the first sin, and it will be punished.  And the punishment is that you have to go to earth.  And unless you laugh at your foolishness three times, you will not be able to come back. *


 * Understanding this a little.  Will not laugh at his stupidity three times - because the ego laughs at the other's foolishness.  Ego breaks when we laugh at our stupidity. *


 * The angel did not feel.  He agreed to suffer the punishment, but still he felt that I am right.  And how about a chance to laugh? *


 * He was thrown to the ground.  The winter days were getting closer.  A cobbler went to the city to buy coats and blankets for children.  As he was going to the city, he saw a naked man lying on the side of the road, choking.  This naked man is the same angel who was thrown on the earth.  He felt pity  And instead of buying clothes for his children, he bought blankets and clothes for this man.  This man did not have anything to eat or drink, neither was there a house, nor was thatch even where he could stay. *


 * Cobbler said - now you come with me.  But if my wife is angry - which she will be sure, because the money she brought to buy clothes for the children, that money is spent - if she is angry, shout, then you do not get upset.  Everything will be alright in a few days. *


 * The cobbler returned home with that angel.  Neither the cobbler knows that the angel is coming into the house, nor does the wife know.  As soon as the cobbler arrived at the house with the angel, the wife went completely mad.  Very angry, very shouted. *


 * And the angel laughed for the first time.  Cobbler told him - Laugh, what's the matter? *


 * He said - I'll tell when I laugh three times. *


 * The angel laughed for the first time, because he saw that this wife did not know that the cobbler had brought the angel into the house, which would bring thousands of happiness in the house.  But how far a man can see! The wife is able to see so much that a blanket and children's clothes are not left.  She is able to see what has been lost, she has no idea of ​​what she has got - free!  An angel has arrived at home.  With which the doors of thousands of happiness will open.  So the angel laughed at his stupidity - because he thought that this wife could not even see what was happening! *


 * Soon, because he was an angel, he learned all the work of cobbler in seven days.  And his shoes became so famous that the cobbler started getting rich within months.  By the time it was half a year, his fame reached all the world that there was no one to make shoes like that, because he used to make shoes.  The shoes of the emperors started being built there.  Money started pouring in. *


 * One day the Emperor's man arrived.  And he said - This leather is very precious, does not get easily, do not make any mistakes.  The shoes are made exactly like this.  And take care to make shoes, not sleepers !! *


 * Because in Russia, when a man dies, he is put to sleep by wearing a sleeper.


 * Cobbler also said to the angel - Do not make sleepers.  The shoes are made, the order is clear, and the leather is all that.  If messed up, we'll be in trouble! *


 * But even the angel made sleepers.  When the cobbler saw that the sleepers were made, he was enraged.  He picked up the wood and agreed to kill it - you will get us hanged!  You were told repeatedly that you do not have to make sleepers, then why sleepers? *


 * The angel laughed again.  Then the man came running from the Emperor's house.  He said - don't make shoes, make sleepers.  Because the emperor has died. *


 * Future is unknown.  No one else is known except him.  And the man decides on the basis of the past.  If the emperor was alive, he needed shoes, if he was dead, he needed a sleeper.  Then the cobbler grabbed his leg and started apologizing - forgive me, I killed you. *


 * But he said - no harm.  I am serving my punishment. *


 * But he laughed again today.  Cobbler then asked - the reason for laughter? *


 * He said - I'll laugh when I laugh three times. *


 * Laughed again because the future is not known to us.  So we make aspirations that are meaningless.  We make wishes that will never be fulfilled.  We ask for something that will never happen because something else is certain.  Our destiny is revolving without asking us.  And we in vain make noise in the middle.  Need sleepers and we make shoes.  The time to die is getting closer and we organize life. *


 * So the angel thought that those girls!  What did I know what the future was going to be for them?  I came to the beach undisturbed. *


 * And the third incident happened that one day three girls came, young men.  All three of them were getting married.  And the three of them ordered shoes to make shoes for them.  An old lady came with him who was very rich.  The angel recognizes that these are the three girls whom he left to the dead mother and due to which he is suffering punishment.  They are all healthy, beautiful. *

 * He asked - what happened?  Who is this old lady? *


 * The old lady said - These are my neighbor girls.  There was a poor woman, there was no milk in her body.  He did not even have money and rags.  And three children twins.  She died while feeding them.  But I felt pity, I have no children, and I raised these three girls. *


 * If the mother was alive, these three girls would have grown up in poverty, hunger and lowliness and poverty.  Mother died, so these three girls grew up in wealth, in great wealth.  And now these are the three owners of the old estate.  And they are getting married in the emperor's family. *


 * The angel laughed for the third time and called the cobbler and said - these are three reasons.  The mistake was mine.  Destiny is big.  And we can see as much as we can see.  What we cannot see, there is a lot of detail.  And from what we can see, we cannot guess what is going to happen, what will happen.  I have laughed at my stupidity three times.  Now my punishment is complete and now I go. *


 * If we stop bringing ourselves in the middle, then we have found the way.  Then you will not have to worry about innumerable routes.  Leave it at that.  Thank you for what he is getting done so far.  Thank you for what you are doing now.  Thanks for what he will get done tomorrow.  We thank him without writing the check.  Whatever it is, our thanks will not matter.  Look good, feel bad, people should say good or bad, people should show bad luck or good luck, we should not worry about all this. *

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