Air pollution

 Air pollution is one of the major problems in these days. Almost countries become the victim of this environment pollution. This is the act of mixing pollutants into air which is not fair for living the shell life of human-being and overall planets habitat. In order to cope up with the effect of this non-feasible effect, the clean air act brings the U.S. environmental protection agency to protect the massive pollutions health. Their mission is to limit the emission of these harmful air pollutions.  This leading industry has established its foundation in 1970. The origination of air pollution cannot be fully tamed, but it is easy to lessen the intensity of air pollution.


What are the major causes of air pollution?


Most air pollution is the environment that arises due to energy utilization for doing certain activities. No matter what the purpose of burning the fossil is, some unexpected and chemical substances come in your environment. The climate and clean program list outs this fact that burning the fossil e.g. coal will release the harmful and suffocating chemical elements in air. Apart from this, there is a high possibility of producing toxic gases. Having gotten a touch in this air pollution, there is observed some climate changes as well. As a result, there have experienced some changes in crop development.


What is the effect of air pollution?


For a long time back, the people of the U.S have got some progress in improving the air quality index. Gradually, the existence of climate change does not remain constant for air quality. So, there is a high possibility of having hazardous pollutants. It has some adverse health effects which is either deadly or severe health risk.  Some reports tell that this air contains the joint mixture of mercury, lead, dioxin, and benzene. These harmful elements will be produced during the emission of gases. It is possible that there might be a negative effect on the immune system which is not betterment for health.



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