What is AIDS?  AIDS is AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), which expresses an advanced stage of infection with a virus called human immunodeficiency virus (HIV),[1] where this virus causes damage to the immune system, which may develop into a disease  AIDS in which a person is infected with various types of infections and diseases that may be dangerous.[2] What are the symptoms of AIDS?  Before infection with AIDS, the person infected with HIV usually passes through several stages, and the apparent symptoms vary with the progression of these stages, as the virus begins with a stage in which a person may suffer from symptoms similar to the symptoms of influenza, which may last for several weeks, and then symptoms disappear for a period that may last  For several years, after which it may reappear with various infections.[3] The case may later develop into AIDS, especially in the absence of drug treatments, as the use of medicines may reduce the chance of contracting AIDS significantly, and if  Infection with it, a person suffers from different types of infections and diseases as mentioned previously, which may be accompanied by the following symptoms: [3]


 sweating;  Chills.  Frequently high temperature.  Chronic diarrhea.  Swollen lymph nodes.  The appearance of white spots or sores in the mouth and on the tongue.  Constant tiredness for no apparent reason.  general weakness.  Weight loss.  Rashes and blisters.  What are the causes of AIDS?  AIDS is transmitted if the body fluids of the infected person enter the body of a healthy person as follows: [1] The blood of the infected person may be transmitted to a healthy person through sharing a syringe, toothbrush, or tattoo.  The infected semen may be transmitted during intercourse with a healthy person, as well as vaginal fluids.  The disease may be transmitted from the mother to her fetus during pregnancy or during breastfeeding, especially if she did not receive the necessary treatment.  How can you be sure of AIDS?  HIV infection or AIDS can be diagnosed through examinations conducted by the doctor through samples taken from blood or saliva.  Result.[4] Can AIDS be cured?  There is no cure that achieves complete recovery from AIDS, but there are many drug treatments that can be used to relieve symptoms and control the disease. Even in advanced cases of AIDS, antiviral drugs can be used that help reduce the amount of virus present in the blood, allowing the device to  How can AIDS be prevented? [5] How can AIDS be prevented?  Following the following tips may help reduce the chance of infection with HIV and thus AIDS: [6] Use condoms during intercourse if the partner is infected with the disease or a carrier of the virus.  Avoid sharing personal belongings or injections with others.  Perform tests to ensure that you are not infected with the virus.

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