Addiction is a disease for which there is no cure, it makes a person hollow and weak while living.

Intoxication is not caused by drugs and alcohol, like intoxication can be caused by anything, people get intoxicated in love, get intoxicated for love; Today's life has changed, today everyone is intoxicated, senses off that mobile intoxication which is very bad, small children are intoxicated, you will get mobile in your hands and old people are also use it mobile.Some things are good from this mobile and some bad also happen, we get news from it, we get all the information from it, but from time to time we get intoxicated by it which is very sad.

We use mobile but it distracts us very quickly, our mind is not able to remain stable, we are not able to stay at one place, we are unable to do which street on one thing, due to which we do everything wrong.If we meditate and think with our mind, we are angry with ourselves for some time, then we can do better and better. Carrying mobile all the time is like an addiction.

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