A haunted house story

Once upon a time me and my father both of us were going to a grandmother's place when our car got damaged on the way.We were very tired while walking alone for a long distance, neither any human being nor any animal was to be seen there.Then we saw a haunted house,it seems like nice cottage in day time. But during the night when we didn't have any vehicle and we were unfortunately told, we had to stay there. 

At night, the house became completely horrible. Suddenly, candles were moving overhead. Witch laughed in loud mold,

She is in white saree, wearing an anklet, which makes noise chan... chan... chan…

I held my Papa hand tightly, we were so scared. Gang of bats attacked us, and the light of the lamp vanished.

Suddenly, the chair was moving by itself,when I took a closer look no one was sitting on it. There is something creaking, it's the bedroom door. Hundreds of scary skeletons scatter on the floor. Fear was rushing in my body. Breathing fast and shallow. I was nervous to stay there. We sat at the corner. Surprisingly, a bus stopped there, so many boys and girls were on the bus for a picnic, they arranged bone fire,beers and dance. Me and Papa went to the bus. Firstly, we are thankful that the bus has reached there. I was talking to the group that we stuck there, and my car died on the road. I explained to them about the situation that happened with us in the haunted house, which was horrible to handle.

They understood my words, they dropped their plans. They helped us to move from there immediately.

We were thankful to God. We never imagined like that.


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