A Dedication For A Lost Light

Within a moment,I find myself stricken with

A stabbed heart with tears crossing borders

Transcending all the geography 's remoteness

Traveling to billions of perched hearts

Living ,over there,in the land of beauty and art

To share with them the bitterness of their loss,

Their tears and bereavedness

Clad in darkness and galvanizing greyness

For a robbed youth that was blooming

Brilliantly budded into the horizon of fame

And made risen in diamond scripture of his name

And has his exciting gift taking him to stardom

Adding much brighter colour to Eastern art

Speaking the lovely and blissful Lebanese accent

Only in such an eery death of his I of him heard

Only in such a prematurely death of him I known

And of his marvelous musical legacy he left

As an exorbitant present to his lovers

After he fell a prey to death -ridden roads

Left on purpose on the margins

Acting as death hellish monsters

Claiming lives and littering bloods

Heart and soul and eye weeping bloody

For the dashing of a starry dream

Having been living in minds and memories

Across all over regions and oceans

For a young gift exploding handsomeness

Rudely taken away by the brute of traffic


                By Luzane Viza 







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