8 ways to keep a good Health

To keep a good health Be active eat a healthy diet check your blood pressure every day don't always eat greasy food stay away from food that's going to be harmful to your health eat less salt and sugar to keep a good health u can eat fruits vegetables and whole gains to keep a good process body so it can function and good health good condition well my health is good I drink plenty of water every day I excerise on a regular basis I drink plenty of water because I want my body to have a alot of energy when I run or take walks I want a good health I don't want to pass out while I excerise that's why it's good to keep water in your immune system so your body can process a good health a good health and wellness is to not smoke every day cut down on cigarettes to keep a good health smoke can be and affect to ur lungs for your body to function and good health it's good not to smoke every day smoking every day can be bad for your health and lungs keep energy in your body so u can be able to do things like taking Walks in the park a good health can be plenty of things brushing your teeth every day taking a shower every day a good health is washing your hands every day staying away from germs keeping you from getting sick  you have to wash your hands every day so u can't get sick wash your face every day make sure your face wash  is a part of a good health making sure your skin smooth and clear going to the doctor when u have and appointment going to your appointment is a good health to keeping your body clean and safe to process your body in the right place excerise every day go to the doctor on the daily basis eat a good healthy diet Breakfast every day keep fluids in your body every day eat a slightly snack every day not to much salt cut down on the carbs the vegetables that is good healthy vegetable for your health is celery tomatoes broccoli lettuce carrots keep your eyes strong and healthy for your vision carrots is a good health it's healthy it help your eyes stay strong and help you have a good vision to see a good health


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