8 Ways to Build Your Twitter Following


Twitter is an easy way for small business owners to reach current and potential customers. In order to attract the right people, you must include information that is important and relevant to your target market. By following these easy steps you can build a twitter following for your small business.


1. Choose an Easy to Find Username


People cannot follow you if they are unable to find you. Have your account name be easy to find. Also include a profile picture which people will associate with your company immediately. Keep your bio up-to-date so that people immediately know what is most important to your business.


2. Tag customers in your tweets


If someone tweets about your small business respond to their tweets. Retweeting customers or replying to their tweets about you will show them that you are engaged.


3. Offer Discounts to Followers


Tweet about promotions you have to attract customers. In addition, offer discounts to customers that follow your company’s twitter account. This is a great way to quickly build a following and to grow customer loyalty.


4. Talk about information important to followers


Although Twitter is a great way to share information about your business; your twitter account should not solely consist of information about your business. Look at what your followers are tweeting about to know what interests them. Also include information that relates to your business but is not directly about you. For example if you operate a clothing store include links to articles about fashion trends this season.


5. Learn about Competition


Twitter is becoming more and more popular among small businesses; this means the sooner your business starts building a twitter following the better. If your competition already has a twitter account look at their tweets to learn about how they are promoting themselves. The more you know about your competition, the better prepared you are to adapt your current business strategies.


6. Use Hashtags Wisely


Use hashtags by putting # in front of important words in your tweets, such as #sale, to attract people to your tweets. Hashtags help your tweets get more exposure, however; if you use too many hashtags in a tweet it can be overwhelming to your followers. Limit each tweet to no more than three hashtags and make sure you are using it in front of the most important words.


7. Include Pictures in Your Tweets


Instead of making your tweets lengthy keep them short and include pictures. In order to maximize the number of retweets you get your tweets should be 120 characters or less.


8. Links on Other Social Media Accounts


Include links to your twitter account on your website, Facebook, blog, and LinkedIn profile to make it easier for your customers to follow you.


With these 8 simple steps you should be well on your way to creating a twitter account that your customers will love to follow!

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