7 Steps To Manifesting More Money Into Your Life Effortlessly & Easily Using The Law Of Attraction

The most obvious step to manifesting more money is to "make" more money. The first thing that may come into your mind is to either work over-time at your current job or business, or get a second (or third job). Although, these are some very effective ways to increase your cash-flow, they may not lead to an increased money consciousness into your life.


Let me explain. You can get a second job or work more hours in your current job, or business, but then you could turn around and spend more money than you are currently. Many people are caught in this viscous cycle of spending and owing. They can't seem to make the money that is coming in work for them. They wonder if the law of attraction is really working in their lives.


If this may have been the case with you, then you will benefit from the following steps, so that you can manifest more prosperity into your life using the law of attraction.


If you have seen The Secret Movie, then you may have an idea of how to use the law of attraction to manifest more money. Basically, it's called repeated focus.


Step 1. Focus on money. Money is your friend. You have to develop a healthy love for money. Many people are afraid of loving money, because they confuse a healthy love for money with greed or arrogance. This couldn't be further from the truth. A healthy love of money is the same as the love of flowers, cars, chocolate ice cream, your pet, family, friends, or anything else in this beautiful universe that makes life worth living. When it comes to using the law of attraction, it's all about balance and being open to receiving more.


In short, the law of attraction states that like attracts like. We are all like magnets, attracting those things that we think, feel and see inside our consciousness on a consistent basis.


Therefore, make it a point to meditate on money every day. Take at least 30 minutes to an hour each day to get into the feeling of having more than enough money. Envision actual money in your hands. If this is hard for you to do, then start by envisioning it for your friends and loved ones. Imagine them with more than enough money and living a happy life. The more you do this, the easier it gets to think of yourself this way too.


Step 2: Eliminate debts. Set up an automatic payment system for all your credit card bills and debts that you owe. This way you are taking care of what you owe and you are free to focus on manifesting money and abundance.


Step 3: Create A Budget - Sit down and write out your monthly money income. Then on a separate sheet of paper sit down and write out your monthly costs and expenses. Then create a reasonable budget that you can handle, while at the same time cutting unnecessary expenses.


Step 4: Cut Down on Unnecessary Expenses - Do you really have to buy that cup of coffee every morning before going to work? What about eating out? Can you eat at home more often, thereby saving the cost of having to dine out all the time? What about impulse buying? Can you make a list before going to the store and then buy exactly what is on that list?


Step 5: Increase Your Income. The most obvious way is to work more hours at the job or take on more work in the business. But what about setting up multiple streams of income that flow in on an automatic and consistent basis? Many people have set up a home based business over the Internet using the law of attraction. In many cases, they have not had to work much more than usual to create multiple streams of income.


An excellent book that has helped me, is "The Science Of Getting Rich", by Wallace D. Wattles. In "The Science Of Getting Rich", you'll learn to tap into the plane of abundance. You'll learn that there is really no such thing as competition when it comes to building your home based business by using the law of attraction.


Increasing your cash flow does not have to mean struggle or hardship. It's all about how you view things. This is one of the things that The Secret Movie DVD did not go into detail about.


Also, another book I recommend is "The Laws Of Thinking: 20 Secrets To Using The Divine Power Of Your Mind To Manifest Prosperity", by Bishop E. Jordan. This book makes you realize that absolutely nothing happens without thought. This includes using the law of attraction to manifest prosperity.


Step 6: Save! Make it a habit to save. Even if you can only manage to save $1 every month, take that dollar and put it into savings. Don't touch your savings for at least a year. The more you save the easier it will get for you to save more. This is what I call the saving mentality. Sometimes emergencies are necessary, but the key to saving is balance.


Step 7: Become Thankful - look at the money that you already have. Become thankful that you have this! There are people who don't even have a fourth of what you have. By becoming thankful on a regular basis you focus on the good things you already have and give them a chance to expand and grow even more.


The above steps are just basic principles that you can use to manifest more money into your life effortlessly using the law of attraction. If you've seen "The Secret Movie DVD", then you'll remember that the law of attraction is a very powerful principle. With continued persistence and dedication, you'll start harness the law of attraction and manifest a life of ever increasing money, success, and abundance.



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