5 yoga mudras to resist the coronavirus from entering your body.


The Biggest fear of the Year 2020

Coronavirus outbreak has completely distributed each one life. The virus is not limited to just place, it is anywhere and everywhere. People are losing their lives and it has been more than 6 months, and yet we are unable to stop this virus from spreading and eventually taking away people's life.

This article is certainly more than just words, it's a proven method that has successfully been able to resist the virus from entering your body. The place where this technique immersed in Kerala. In India, initially, the coronavirus spread its roots in some parts where there is much association of people with foreign travels. Places like Mumbai, Delhi, and Kerala were in the mayhem and started giving up on the virus. However, in Kerala, the situation started to reverse very soon. People started following this yoga mudra and within a couple of weeks, the result was, the curve started to flatten.

Today I will show the techniques Kerala followed.

1) Shankh mudra or Conch shell mudra

This is the most effective yoga mudra for the respiratory system. Practising this mudra daily for at least 10 minutes sitting in Padmasana or vajrasana can keep you away from viruses and allergies.  Another powerful benefit of this mudra is that, practising this mudra makes your will power resilient and stronger and it boosts up your confidence.

2) Gyan Mudra

This is one of the three Buddha mudras for knowledge and wisdom. This mudra comes to your mind and it helps you to make decisions in life. This mudra helps to all forms of disease and especially the mental health conditions. People have also overcome their cancer, practising this meditation.

3) Prana Mudra

Prana is a Sanskrit word and it means life. Life is not possible with oxygen. Doing this mudra daily for at least 20 minutes can really do wonders in your life.  People with week eyesights, dry eyes, eye redness of should especially do this on a daily basis. It can cure can form of disease related to an imbalance of body fluids. It also makes your internal system more robust to fight deadly viruses like the coronavirus.

4) Dhyan mudra

This is another buddha mudra known as Dhyan (to concentrate) mudra. Sit at a particular quite place in Padmasana or Sukhanasana and follow the technique as shown below. Dhyan mudra helps you to focus on your work. Kids should especially do this meditation to stay away from distractions and agility.

5) Pranam Mudra or Namaste or Pray Mudra

The word Pranam and Prana might sound similar, however, these two have a completely different meaning. Prana as discussed earlier means life, while Pranam in Sanskrit means to greet someone. In India, people often greet each other by saying pranam or namaste. It's a way to greet and give respect to someone. 

It is also one of the powerful mediation mudras to come down your anger. The mudra teaches to give love and respect to every living creature and that not only, benefits others, it also results in the internal growth of your mind and makes you more relaxed and positive in life.


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