5 Top Healthy Habits To Live Longer

Research says that environment, lifestyle, and genetics play a significant role in longevity. Take a look at these ways to live longer, happier, and healthier. 

1. Move Yourself

Exercise is essential for the human body. It can keep you fit and strong. Studies found that 15 minutes of physical activity will increase your three years of lifespan. Exercise also reduces diabetes, cancers, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases. 


2. Stress Management

Stress will be an unavoidable part of life. Worries and anxiety can bring a significant toll on your body. Research says chronic stress can cause anxiety disorders, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. You can manage stress by practicing yoga, meditation, therapy, and journaling. 


3. Be Connected

Relationships and friendships can be emotionally fulfilling and promising for your physical health. So stay connected! A meaningful relationship can increase your happiness, reduce stress, and provide overall satisfaction in life. 


4. Adequate Sleep

A proper sleep schedule is vital for your body’s overall functioning. Many studies show insufficient sleep leads to serious health issues. You can have 8 hours of sleep each night to improve your longevity. 


5. Healthy Diet

Plenty of immortality tales have been passed down the generations for years. When youth only exists in legends and myths, there comes the possibility for humans to live longer. Here, the key to longevity refers to healthy habits, unlike some magical elixir. 


Whatever you eat now can impact your life in the long run. So incorporate a healthy diet like veggies, fruits, whole foods, nuts, legumes, and fiber. Also, cut back the refined sugars as much as you can. 


These 5 top healthy habits can increase your life span and make you look youthful even in your 50s. Hence, longevity means living a healthy and longer life amidst chaos and conflicts. 


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