5 things that you shouldn't do while training

Here are some important things that you shouldn't do while training.

  1. You shouldn't drink lots of water while training. It may cause stomach ache, and if nessesary then you can drink a little bit, and after resting a while you can go back for training.
  2. You shouldn't ever eat anything like drug's while running or exercising. It can lead to very harmful effects like heart attack, etc.
  3. You should do warming and cool down exercises before and after training. Warming will help your muscles to get ready for training and cool down will help your muscles to relax, so that it won't cause pain.
  4. You should do exercises like stretching, so that while training or matches it won't cause any injury. By doing streching exercises your muscles becomes flexible.
  5. Don't ever sit inside fan with wet body or clothes. Due ro much effect of evaporation you can easily get cold or fever. Thus, after training you should first change your clothes.

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