10 Tips To Build A Facebook Following


Nowadays almost everyone is on Facebook which presents a huge opportunity for businesses to market to new customers every day.  But if your business isn’t using its Facebook page to its full potential, it is letting the opportunity slip away. By following these easy tips, your business will build a Facebook following in no time!

1. Tag your page from your personal profile

Make sure it’s easy for people to access your page. If you tag your business page, it makes it easier for friends to visit your page, like it and then share it with their friends.  

2. Link your profile to your page 

Going along with the previous step, if you have friends who are searching to find your personal account, by linking it with your business they will be directed to your business as well as your personal page.

3. Add your business page in your e-mail signature

Think about the number of e-mails you send a day, if your business page is included in your e-mail signature, each person who receives an e-mail from you will be exposed to your Facebook page.

4. Run a contest

People love competition. If your Facebook page is hosting a contest, it’s bound to reach a wide audience that will help you promote your product or service in a fun way.

5. Add a like box to your website

If your website has a lot of traffic, a like box is a quick, simple way to build a Facebook following.  Once you have a like box, you can see if the likes are coming from your website.

6. Remind your friends to like and share

Facebook now has a “share” button with all its posts so by reminding your friends/followers to share your page, there’s now a simple way for them to do it! This will help your business reach an even larger audience.

7. Post rich content 

Make sure you’re posting things that are interesting and engaging. People won’t want to continue following your business if you’re not posting things that are attention-grabbing.

8. Connect with other page managers

If you can make an agreement to cross-promote, your business will be reaching other faithful followers while you’re giving your current followers something new.

9. Comment on other pages from your page

Once you find out where your target market is hanging out on Facebook, comment from your page to attract their attention.

10. Advertise your page on Facebook

This costs money but is an effective way to quickly promote your Facebook page. It will also show users which friends like your page.


By following these 10 simple tips, your Facebook page should have more traffic and followers in no time!


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