10 things to do to keep your man .

1. Every man loves those who honour them and fight those who claim equality.

It is pertinent to know that all men love women with respect and honor and will stick to whoever respect and honor them.

2. Don't forget to do the action in the other room 

The sexy women get more of the men. Good sex keeps him from looking elsewhere. 

3. Make his stomach smile

This is also a very important part of it all. Make your man smile after eating that delicious and sumptuous meal.

4. Smell ontop of your best.

Get a nice perfume and make the aroma of your presence make him want you more. Men hate dirty women.

5. Kidnap his attention. 

Have him glare at you every 10 seconds with how sexy and inviting you look. Make sure you look your best and get him all aroused around you. 

6. Losen up on your jealousy.

Men somehow dislike overly protective women. It does not mean you shouldn't be protective. Spend more time making him naturally glued to you rather than chasing shadows. 

7. Be more than a sex partner

It is preferable to be a friend,  sister, and a mother rather than being only a sex partner. Complementing all these including sex gets you the trophy. 

8. Don't overfeed him.

Atimes refuse him sex. Make him want you for who you are. If he gets overfed he won't want you anymore. 

9. Don't be forceful.

Men would misinterpret women who are too forceful. Try to apeal to his desires rather than forcing your way into his heart. 

10. Be full of surprises

Men like women also love surprises. Make him ponder your next step.


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