10 Crypotcurrency mobile applications that really pays in 2021

1. Bitcoin Blast: This is a game established by bling financials. They pay once in  7 days and majorly pay to coinbase wallet. 

2. Efast Efree: This game pays for viewing ads. They pay their first instantly and keeps paying every three days.

3.Crypo pop: This is an interesting game that also pay for playing games and viewing add. They pay in ethereum and also pay.

4. Sweet bitcoin. It is newly established by same bling financial.  They pay for playing games and also once in every 7 days.

5. Bitcoin 2048. Though difficult to play yet does as promised.They pay for playing interesting games 

6. Bitcoin Merge 2048:This game also at for games and keep to every promise.

7.Free bitcoin cash. This game pay real bitcoin for choosing a random number.

8. Crypto Tab. It is both a mobile app and a desktop app. This app only pay for using their browsers.

9. Crypotrize: It is a mobile app that pays for using their app for games and meeting strict demands and tasks. 

10. Food fight. Easy and fun filled app. It pays you for playing games. 

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